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IMPACT Measures Tool®

Integrated Measurement, Program Assessment, and Collaboration Tools

Our tool allows anyone interested in early childhood measurement and evaluation to search, compare, and access measures scored on four key categories of usability, cost, cultural relevance, and technical merit.

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The IMPACT Measures Tool® is an online database of early childhood and parenting measures, designed to meet your organization’s unique needs.

The tool includes measures in the areas of:

  • Caregiver Health and Well-Being
  • Child Mental Health
  • Overall Child Development
  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Language Development
  • Executive Function
  • Academic Skills
  • Family/Home Environment
  • Classroom/Childcare Quality
  • Caregiver-Child Interaction
  • Cultural Competency
  • Healthcare/Human Services Quality

A unique function of this tool is that measures are scored on four key categories of usability, cost, cultural relevance, and technical merit, allowing for tailored searches and easy comparison.

IMPACT is not a publisher or distributor of the measures listed on this site.

The IMPACT Measures Tool® was developed to provide innovative solutions to three key challenges in the field of early childhood development. Specifically, the IMPACT Measures Tool® aims to:

  1. Assist the early childhood field in unifying their approach to measuring early childhood development.
  2. Support organizations and programs in evaluating their own impact.
  3. Help organizations in determining which measures are best suited to their specific contexts and needs.

We offer support for a variety of organizations in the early childhood ecosystem, including community-based organizations, academic institutions, health care systems, philanthropic and policy based organizations, child care systems, and more.



The IMPACT Measures Tool® is an effort led by the Early Childhood Precision, Innovation, and Shared Measurement (EC PRISM®) program under the umbrella of the Institute for Child Success.

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EC PRISM® works directly with early childhood organizations to provide tools and services such as the IMPACT Measures Tool®, and our individualized measurement and evaluation services to help organizations in the areas of early childhood program design, implementation, evaluation, and scale. EC PRISM® aims to increase acceptance, understanding, and capacity of measurement and evaluation within the field.

  • We Build on Existing Ideas: We don’t invent; we innovate. We are rarely the first with a great idea, and we make sure to acknowledge those that inspire us with great ideas.
  • We Believe in Continuous Improvement: For both ourselves and others. We believe everyone can reach their full potential when provided with the right tools and opportunities.
  • We Promote Equity-Centered Design: We promote the design of systems, policies and programs that reduce racial, gender, and economic disparities.

We provide technical assistance to programs and organizations across various sectors within the early childhood ecosystem, including healthcare settings, universities/research groups, community-based and national nonprofits, policymakers, and city/state/federal institutions.

EC PRISM® focuses on programs, organizations, and system-level innovations aimed at improving service delivery for children and families. Due to historical oppression and institutional racism, children and families of color disproportionately experience social and economic adversity, and therefore these are often the communities with which we work. EC PRISM® is committed to approaching our work through a historical lens that acknowledges the root causes underlying the conditions and inequities experienced by families. We recognize the full diversity of individuals across race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, and life experiences (e.g. class, immigration status, health status, etc.) as well the hardships that come with intersectional identities (e.g., people of color who identify as LGBTQIA+). The historical and current oppression of individuals continues across these groups through anti-Black racism and white supremacist ideas, policies, and practices. 

EC PRISM® is dedicated to understanding the historical, systemic nature of racism. In our work with marginalized communities, we aim to center this historical perspective as well as the voices of our community members. We are also committed to identifying the ways in which we benefit from and contribute to white supremacist structures/culture, and will continuously engage in actionable steps in our internal and external facing work to dismantling white supremacy in the interdisciplinary sectors we belong to. 

To empower organizations, funders, and program developers by providing accessible, science-based tools and guidance. We leverage our expertise in order to precisely develop, implement, and evaluate early childhood programs.

Measurement and Evaluation Services Consultation

We provide consultation nationally and across the globe. Our expertise in the field of early childhood development, combined with our skills in program development, implementation, and evaluation, allows us a unique perspective in the early childhood ecosystem.

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EC PRISM® offers individualized measurement and evaluation services to early childhood programs to help them in areas of early childhood program design, implementation, evaluation, and scale.

EC PRISM® focuses on four main processes to help organizations:

  1. Precision in organizational definition and measurement to determine who benefits most and least from organization activities. This knowledge is used to develop targeted strategies to address specific population needs.
  2. Continuous improvement through ongoing testing, feedback, and development of our programs.
  3. Co-Creation with stakeholders across the field of early childhood development to facilitate shared learning and understanding to ensure a well-balanced and informed approach.
  4. Collaboration across networks to develop common measures, shared measurement experiences, and foster dialogue among organizations about their measurement.

We offer different levels of engagement when it comes to measurement and evaluation services consulting, depending on the needs of the organization or program.

We deliver our measurement and evaluation services through three specific services: 

  1. Learning Modules that include lessons and activities that support the development, implementation, and evaluation of an organization. All learning modules contain general content and individualized support for organizations.
  2. Direct Consultation personalized for an organization’s needs. Clients are provided one on one meetings with EC PRISM® staff.
  3. Measurement & Evaluation Tools that help clients quickly interpret and present their results. Clients can also gain insight about who is benefitting most and who is benefitting least from their program.

We provide technical assistance to programs and organizations across various sectors within the early childhood ecosystem, including healthcare settings, universities/research groups, community-based and national nonprofits, policymakers, and city/state/federal institutions.

Institute for Child Success

EC PRISM® is housed within the Institute for Child Success (ICS). ICS is a private, nonpartisan research and applied policy organization that supports policymakers, service providers, government agencies, funders, and business leaders focused on early childhood development, healthcare, and education.

Our Team

We are a team of mission-oriented researchers with extensive experience in early childhood development, education, and public health. We welcome and celebrate diverse perspectives and take pride in a strong team culture.

Our core values are: ­Impact, Collaboration, ­Innovation, Empowerment, and Flexibility.


Tyson Barker, PhD

Chief Science & Innovation Officer

Dr. Tyson Barker (he/him) is the Executive Director of EC PRISM®. Dr. Barker directs EC PRISM® work in improving programs and policies supporting early childhood development with the goal of empowering organizations to better identify what works about their program, for whom, and under what contexts.

Katie Hammond

Katie Hammond, MPH

Director of Science Communication

Katie Hammond, MPH (she/her) is the Director of Science Communication at EC PRISM®. She leads the strategy, management, and coordination of the EC PRISM® suite of educational tools and resources, including IMPACT. In addition to science communication, she has experience in project management, public health, content development, and program development / implementation / evaluation.

Mari Strand Cary, PhD

VP of Research & Evaluation

Dr. Mari Strand Cary (she/her) is a Senior Research Specialist with EC PRISM®. In this capacity, she empowers organizations to identify what works about their programs, for whom and under what contexts. To improve programs and policies supporting early childhood development, Mari grounds her work in evidence-based, qualitative and quantitative evaluation approaches and involves a wide array of stakeholders. She collaborates with early childhood care and service providers, educators, community members and philanthropic funders.

Aimée Drouin Duncan, PhD

VP of Impact & Practice

Dr. Aimée Drouin Duncan (she/her) is a Research Specialist on the EC PRISM® team, supporting the team’s sector-based partnerships and initiatives, outreach and educational resources, and IMPACT data work. Dr. Duncan has over a decade of experience in early childhood research and evaluation, and is dedicated to the development of equity and access within early childhood systems regardless of age, race, ethnicity or gender to create generational change and improve the lives and outcomes of young children and their families.

Manya Jyotishi, PhD

Research Specialist

Dr. Manya Jyotishi (she/her) is a developmental psychologist with extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative methods, project management, and vulnerable populations (children with ASD, justice-involved youth, women with history of substance use). She has worked on program evaluations to provide useful findings and meaningful recommendations. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut and her undergraduate degree at Hunter College of CUNY, New York. Dr. Jyotishi brings a background in early childhood development. She also has vast experience in qualitative research methods and cross-cultural research.

Aarati Raghuvanshi

Aarati Raghuvanshi

Project Support Specialist

Aarati (she/her) supports EC PRISM® measurement and evaluation services and the IMPACT Measures Tool® web design and analytics projects. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Boston College and hopes to pursue her interests in business management within the early childhood ecosystem.

Camille Sullivan

Camille Sullivan

Project Support Specialist

Camille (she/her) supports IMPACT’s data, social media, and educational content teams. She received her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Oregon. Camille has worked with children and families in research contexts and is interested in applying early childhood and parenting measures in clinical settings.


The IMPACT Measure Tool® is a joint effort made possible by the dedicated support of our sponsors.


Explore innovative programs using early childhood measures on Promise Venture Studio’s Venture Index. Promise is a partner of EC PRISM® that attracts, supports, and connects social entrepreneurs, funders, and experts to improve the lives of children and families facing the greatest adversities.

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